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Dream Chapter® helps you design your next mission in life by mastering the non-financial aspects of your retirement.

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“Retirement is such an anticipated chapter, but so many of us plan for the financial impact. We underestimate the social and emotional challenges (and opportunities) it can bring. This book focuses on the retirement experience of the whole person and gives realistic insight into the process of moving from paid employment into retirement, focusing on what we need to do to truly make this our own dream chapter.”

Eileen Bradshaw,
President and CEO of Life Senior Services

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Discover your Retirement Mindset:
Are you a Planner, Seeker, Routineer, or Wanderer?

Understanding your Retirement Mindset helps you anticipate your tendencies and avoid your most likely pitfalls.

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Planners feel ready to take on retirement as long as they’ve been given adequate time to create a plan and fill their retirement itinerary with trips, activities, and projects for the first few months or even years.


Seekers tend to approach retirement as a new beginning rather than an ending, and they eagerly dive into this next challenge.


Routineers find it easy to design their habits and routines around work. They look upon retirement with positivity because freedom, at least in the abstract, is supposed to be exciting.


At first, retirement appears to be an exciting time because Wanderers have always led a fairly structured life where they worked to please others in their work and at home.

“Most people think retirement planning is all about finances, and they end up ignoring the non-financial aspects. Learning how to find fulfillment and purpose in retirement makes all the difference.”

Charlie Baker, Dream Chapter Co-Founder
Dream Chapter GuideBook Review
“I am going to recommend that every lawyer in our firm be given a copy of Design Your Meaningful Retirement Guidebook while in their early 60’s. I wish I had this resource at that age.”
73 year old Retiring Lawyer
Dream Chapter Book Review
“I retired at age 77 after serving 52 years as a campus minister and university chaplain. I had no preparation for the shock of losing my identity and purpose in life. This book is a must read for everyone who has retired or will retire in the near future.”
Dr. George Loutherback, Retired campus minister, university chaplain, and New Testament professor

Now's the time to discover who YOU want to be in retirement.

With newfound free time that is hard to fill, most retirees experience a sense of loss of purpose, value, relevance, meaning, and connection.

You will learn about your biggest retirement challenges and how to avoid some and overcome others.

Most of all, you will immediately start crafting your custom dream chapter, so you can live it for the rest of your life.

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