Discover Your Retirement Mindset


Tend to approach retirement as a new beginning rather than an ending, and they eagerly dive into this next challenge.


Find it easy to design their habits and routines around work. They look upon retirement with positivity because freedom, at least in the abstract, is supposed to be exciting


Feel ready to take on retirement as long as they’ve been given adequate time to create a plan and fill their retirement itinerary with trips, activities, and projects for the first few months or even years.


Typically led a fairly structured life where they worked to please others in their work and at home so retirement appears to be an exciting time at first glance.

Take the Retirement Mindset quiz to discover opportunities and challenges you’re most likely to encounter in retirement.

Understanding your mindset will help retirees avoid common stumbling blocks and successfully transition into a purposeful retirement.

How Dream Chapter can help

We have developed strategies for Wanderers to spot and avoid their pitfalls.

Our Dream Chapter book plans out the steps to give Wanderers the structure and accountability to stop wandering and start finding the meaning and purpose they always imagined retirement would hold for them.

Read Dream Chapter to learn how to adapt to your Retirement Mindset.

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